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"If you're losing employees, you're losing customers. On average, American companies lose half of their employees every four years, and half of their customers in five years. This suggests that employee attrition may have significant impact on customer loyalty."


Frederick Reichheld,

The Loyalty Effect:

The Hidden Force Behind Growth, Profits and Lasting Value



The biggest expense any dealership has is an

untrained and poorly prepared staff.

Train Your Staff

Consultative selling requires that you are perceived as a consultant to the customer. The more successful you are at convincing the customer that you are there to help them, the easier it is to overcome objections and close the sale.


The only way to become a consultant to the customer is to gain their trust and to be more knowledgeable about your products and business than they are.


Dealership Development believes that the largest expense any dealership has is an untrained sales staff.


What does a well-trained sales staff mean in real dollars?

Training Class Curriculum

Sales Training Schedule

Consultative Selling

This is a three-day class designed for your entire staff and is especially helpful for new hires and under-performing sales professionals.


Included in this workshop:

  • Consultative sales approach
  • Internet-based techniques
  • Phone skills workshop
  • Value selling
  • Earning "Buy Now" commitment
  • Customer retention
  • Negotiation and closing
  • Professional follow up
  • Role play

Training Calendar

Automotive Training

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Advanced Sales Professional

This is a two-day class geared towards your more seasonal representative.


Included in this workshop:

  • Phone skills workshop
  • Value selling
  • Customer retention
  • Advanced negotiation/closing
  • Growing your business
  • Prospecting workshop
  • Role play


Sales Management - Coaching the Coach

Finance & Insurance

Included in this workshop:

  • Steps to delivery
  • Consultative selling
  • Psychology of menu
  • Value selling
  • Overcoming objections
  • Role play
  • Compliance
  • Safeguarding
  • Red Flags



Included in this workshop:

  • Compliance
  • Managing leads
  • Ownership of responsibilities
  • Tracking
  • Accountability
  • Motivation/coaching
  • Closing/desking
  • Role play
  • Planning
  • Prospecting


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